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Dear Supporter,

As the international community celebrates the start of the 2012 Olympic Games in London this week, they will be joined by an enabler of mass atrocities in Syria. And nobody is saying anything about it.

The Olympic Games unite the international community by promoting peace and preserving human dignity through sport. But this year’s Games run the risk of being tarnished by a Russian Olympic official who has been arming the Syrian regime.

Russian steel tycoon Vladimir Lisin has been splitting his time between acting as Vice President of the Russian Olympic Committee and shipping deadly arms to the Syrian regime. As the civil war intensifies in Syria and reports of horrific civilian massacres emerge, Lisin is traveling to London to participate in the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

Tell the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games to ban Lisin from attending the games while Russia continues to support mass atrocities in Syria!

Over 17,000 people have been killed in Syria and the violence intensifies every day. Yet, Russia continues to support Assad’s murderous regime — recently vetoing a UN Security Council resolution to support negotiations despite the worsening situation — and people like Lisin are profiting from it.

We need you to join us and take action to expose Lisin and other individuals who are putting weapons into the hands of the Syrian regime.

Keeping Lisin from attending the games will add to the much-needed international pressure against Russia and the arms dealers enabling Assad. We must insist that those who enable Syria’s continued attacks on its own men, women and children pay a price.

Please join me in making it clear to the London Organizing Committee: There is NO room at this year’s Games for individuals who enable mass atrocities for their own financial gain.

Thanks for your support. Together we will stop the deadly flow of arms into Syria by exposing unscrupulous weapons dealers like Vladimir Lisin.

Bama Athreya
Bama Athreya
Executive Director
United to End Genocide

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